Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA) is an increasingly popular IT course for IT Industry. This course provides many prospects in information technology, regardless of the path selected after the 12th, such as Commerce, Science, or Arts. Career Options Available After Completing Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Nepal is very bright and its scope is growing day by day.

For all those who want to pursue a career in the IT industry, the Bachelor of Computer Applications curriculum provides a wide range of career options, including Web Designer, Data Analyst, Graphic Designer, Game Designer, System Maintenance, and many more. Apart from this, various organizations and MNCs seek BCA individuals with the best skill set. This article will give you an overview of the Bachelor of Computer Applications course. You will find all the necessary information about BCA in this article.

Is BCA a Wise Choice After the 12th?

The four-year Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) curriculum is divided into eight semesters. It is the ideal professional path for applicants who desire to learn and advance in the digital world. The scope of a bachelor’s of computer applications is very broad in the contemporary context of intense competition. One can also become skilled in Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber security, and more through BCA.

Career Options Available After Completing the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Nepal is vast and bright Additionally, the student will have the chance to learn server administration, graphic design, and web development. After completing the BCA course, students can join as programmers, software testers, or data analysts and advance their careers thanks to the breadth of disciplines.

Why Pursue BCA?

The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program develops students’ theoretical and practical computer skills. The bachelor of computer applications curriculum covers the latest technologies in detail, making it easier for graduates to find work in large IT companies. The program spans various disciplines and addresses every aspect, from the fundamentals to more advanced topics. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and reasons why you should consider pursuing a BCA degree:

  • A degree in computer applications opens up a wide range of employment opportunities in the IT industry. Nearly every firm need employees that are BCA graduate and digital savvy.
  • You will gain strong and practical skills from a Bachelor of Computer Applications course. Your skills will be improved with a BCA online, and you’ll become a very useful employee for various businesses.
  • Choosing BCA can also help you develop a larger grasp of issues, which will be helpful while tackling challenging problems.
  • Due to the skill set acquired through the Bachelor of Computer Applications, you can earn a significant income.
  • Details about the BCA program will demonstrate how numerous significant topics are combined into one program, resulting in a well-secured job.

Job After a BCA Degree

Career Options Available After Completing Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Nepal are very bright and vast. Graduates with a Bachelor of Computer Applications can find a variety of positions in different corporate sectors. A number of businesses can offer employment after completing the course thanks to the expertly prepared bachelor of computer applications syllabus. During the pandemic, numerous new chances are formed in the rising IT sector, which has countless undefined options. These IT businesses’ potential will expand exponentially in terms of opening up work chances. Globally, IT professionals are in demand, not just in Nepal. A Bachelor of Computer Applications graduate who does well is qualified for employment in a major IT giant.

A BCA graduate’s salary range

It is not uncommon for BCA graduates in Nepal to earn something similar to this. Career Options Available After Completing Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Nepal is amazing and growing. With increased experience and expertise, computer application bachelor’s degree holders can earn more than those in the table below.

BCA Jobs Salary Per Month
Web Developers NRP 20,000- NRP 80,000
Database Engineers NRP 30,000- NRP 90,000
Business Analyst NRP 20,000- NRP 1,20,000
Network Engineers NRP 25,000- NRP 80,000
Network Security Engineers NRP 40,000- NRP 1,00,000
System Analysts NRP 30,000-NRP 1,20,000
SEO Analysts NRP 20,000-NRP 1,00,000
Technical Writers NRP 20,000- NRP 70,000

Additionally, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer applications have found employment as computer system analysts, computer support specialists, IT officers, back-end developers, and software testers.


A Bachelor of Computer Applications degree is a popular course among young people and students who have just graduated from high school. Thousands of students enroll in the BCA program because it has a wide range of scope and a high placement rate. Career Options Available After Completing Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in Nepal is amazing. Everyone wants to be technology savvy in this age of computers, science, and technology. Thus, students and youngsters are choosing IT and BCA courses.

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