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Are you ready for a new adventure?  National Infotech College is the top leading IT & Science college in Terai.


As a leading Technical Institution of international repute, National Infotech College believes in ushering in social awareness among the students through various social activities and encourages them to participate in extra curricular activities on campus. At National Infotech College, we believe that education is not limited to academic excellence, but extends to the overall growth of a student. In order to promote this, we organize a number of events, outdoor trekkings, seminars and workshops.


Leading learning and technology innovations, National Infotech College provides abundance facilities for the students and faculties.

We have science labs, computer labs, engineering labs, seminar hall for workshops, Media labs, incubation and innovation centres to fortify the research culture.

Everything you need to succeed as a student is here. From world class instructors to well equipped computer labs and free Internet access, National Infotech College makes it easy to achieve your goals.


At National Infotech College, there is scope to experiment with our perfect blend of academics and extracurricular activities. From lab to modern classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs to indoor courts, sports and lifelong hobbies are encouraged to ignite every student’s potential . Whether it’s physical exercise or mental sharpening, the National Infotech College has everything you want to develop into a complete personality.

Boarding - Life

Campus WiFi

Both students and faculty need high-performing wifi access for learning. We have enabled fast speed wifi at campus.


At National Infotech College, Library is open throughout the college hour, and houses over a thousand of books.

Counseling Centre

We have set up the Counseling Centre that encourage students to openly express and address their problems.

Science Labs

We have separate labs for each of physics, chemistry and biology.

Computer Labs

We have a computer lab equipped with modern facilities where innovation meets inspiration.

Seminar Hall

The college offers elegant digital halls with a captivating atmosphere and a wide variety of activities.

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It is time to go one step ahead in your career. Become a part of the National Infotech family and learn “IT Ecosystem” from the industry leaders. We offer world class education, modern teaching methodology, state of the art infrastructure and an empowering environment.

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